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Record growth and innovation at eCabs

eCabs’ CEO, Matthew Bezzina, met The Malta Business Weekly for an insight into how the company’s business has changed since the onset of the pandemic, and the way forward from here.   “eCabs registered record numbers throughout the summer months, defying the general economic and tourism downward trends. This success boils down to strategic focus and an incessant investment in people and technology,” says eCabs CEO Matthew Bezzina.    Business […]

eCabs reinventing the last mile delivery industry through FastDrop.

New 24/7 last mile platform set to permanently change delivery services in Malta.   Local mobility tech industry leaders eCabs have stepped up investment in their last mile platform FastDrop to bring to the market exceptional service, a new paradigm in last mile delivery and affordable rates, new and improved services that enable even the […]

eCabs sign agreement with Germany-based tech company M-TRIBES.

The partnership is a first step towards the internationalisation of eCabs’ technology.   The founders of eCabs and M-TRIBES, a Germany-based software provider for mobility and logistics businesses recently announced to extend their technology partnership and offer a unique bundle of ride-hailing and delivery software and services in Europe and Northern Africa.   Following their […]

‘Local eCommerce can now step up its game’ – eCabs Founder announces new logistics platform

Matthew Bezzina, Founder of eCabs, has announced the launch of the company’s latest service, FastDrop, which marks its entry into the local logistics market. “That eCommerce is relentlessly moving forward is a given, and tech savvy generations have very lofty expectations from their eCommerce experiences. Yet the last mile experience is the weakest link in the service chain, […]

eCabs is cab company of choice in Malta Today survey

The St Julian’s-based company eCabs is the preferred taxi choice for commuters, followed by Bolt, a Polar survey on private taxis has found. eCabs is the preferred choice of 50.8% of people and its popularity cuts across all age groups and all regions. Bolt is the preferred choice of 22.4% of people, being more popular among […]

eCabs’ service becomes even safer, more personal

eCabs has launched four new cab categories within its mobile App to help customers make better and easier choices and improve the user experience when booking their mobility requirements. The four options – Eco, Pets, Booster Seat and Assist – are set to contribute to an even safer and more comfortable customer experience, within a […]

The green way forward

It had to take a deadly pandemic to finally get the world population out of its slumber and embrace the need to save our planet from irreparable damage. Green seems to be the most common buzzword to emerge out of the ongoing pandemic but, by all means, it is justified. Of course, this is not […]

eCabs to be 100% Green by 2025

Mobility company eCabs is embarking on an ambitious project that will see it run entirely on green vehicles by 2025. The initiative was announced by eCabs CEO Matthew Bezzina in the presence of Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli.   Minister Dalli welcomed this investment as a strong signal by the private […]

eCabs awarded as most inclusive company

Earlier this year, eCabs expanded its fleet to include a fully equipped van with a motorised lift, capable to serve both wheelchair users and other passengers accompanying them. To date, 1500 persons have used this service which eCabs has been offering free of charge. Launched last April, the service is being offered to all persons […]

Human dignity must always remain a priority.

COVID 19 has exposed the ugly side of gig work, leaving vulnerable workers exposed to the brutality of operating in an unregulated market. As the pandemic tore through economies highly dependent on tourism and travel, ride-hailing drivers witnessed their incomes dwindle, consequently forcing them to work long inhumane hours in deteriorating conditions. It also provided […]