Pre-Qualification Process for a BI player

eCabs is a privately-owned transport services provider which has grown at a very fast pace over its eight years of operation, establishing it as a market leader in what has traditionally been a closed, protective and conventional market. Driven at the core by the enterprising vision of the family business, the Company grew into a fully-fledged transportation firm gradually extending the diversity and depth of the service.

From a business standpoint, the growth of the Company has evolved to reach a degree of critical mass in its operations, which is reflective of its market penetration. Running its business from its own premises, eCabs has drastically grown its business over the last 8 years presently employing over 600 people in a highly complex operation, functioning in an equally complex external environment.

Over its years of operating within the local transportation industry, the Company has succeeded in reinventing the taxi industry and establish itself as the undisputed market and thought leader in the segment. Through its continuous multi-pronged investment in vehicles and technology the company has managed to create and maintain a driving edge in the industry, setting the bar for all the other operators that have since started operating.

The Company is seeking to sustain its growth phase through horizontally diversifying its service portfolio through entry into specific niche markets including B2B and B2C platforms and events alongside other operational spin-offs arising out of this domain. Such information can only be obtained through business intelligence tools which can assist in highlighting patterns and opportunities which otherwise may be missed.