eCabs Lottery Generates 26,000 App Downloads

Over 26,000 new users installed the eCab app between January and April of this year. During this period, a lottery was organised by eCabs, in collaboration with Michael Attard Ltd, to promote the company’s new App. Over 80,000 rides were booked through the app during the same period. 

Every person downloading and booking a ride through eCabs’ app received a lottery ticket via email. The lottery generated over 100,000 tickets with the winner, Khalila Wanalia Astwood winning a brand new Peugeot 108.

Nicholas Attard, Chief Officer, Marketing and Business Development at eCabs said that “knowing that throughout this campaign we generated another 80,000 booked rides means that more people have been exposed to the eCabs experience and today, they are more aware of the value that they get when they book with us and that with eCabs they get to enjoy a service that is punctual, works in real time and is consistently of the highest level.”

eCabs mobile app is a very straightforward method of booking a ride within a few seconds. One of the main features of this app is that once you book a cab, you can monitor in real time where the cab is. Another important advantage is that when you pre-book a cab through the app, customers enjoy advantageous rates.

“Ultimately, giving added value through such competitions is important but what is mostly important for us at eCabs is that people realise the ease of use of our app, which we consider to be the very essence of our service and of what our company stands for” added Nicholas Attard.


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eCabs announces top management appointments

eCabs, one of Malta’s largest private transport operators, has unveiled a series of high-profile appointments to its top management team.

The appointments complement the company’s further evolution into the leading, next-generation passenger transport service provider in Malta. The composition of the management team is a reflection of the company’s business strategy to position customer experience and transport affordability at the core of its mission, in its efforts to reinforce its role as a principal service provider in Malta for both B2C and B2B transport solutions.

Led by its CEO and co-founder Matthew Bezzina, the top management team brings to the visionary company an exceptional mix of skills which will enable it to fulfil its local expansion plans and its first steps in internationalising its suite of passenger transport solutions.

Co-founders and mainstays of the company Andrew Bezzina, Kevin Vassallo and Greta Borg Bezzina are taking on the roles of chief financial officer, director of product development and director of operations respectively. The ICT and innovation division will be led by Ryan Abela as head of technology and Kerstin Rizzo as head of programmes, while Nicholas Abela joined as chief officer business development and marketing and Marvin Cuschieri as chief officer, Human Capital and Corporate Services.

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eCabs Becomes the First Private Transport Provider To Embark on A Reduced Mobility Agenda

eCabs, the leading passenger transport service provider in Malta, is embarking on a ‘Reduced Mobility Agenda’ intended to offer significantly improved passenger experience to persons with reduced mobility ensuring stronger accessibility and ease of use of the services to all.

As an integral part of this Agenda, eCabs has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) through which a collaborative programme is being established for the company to introduce a set of measures intended to enable easier access to its transport services for passengers with reduced mobility, including persons with disability and the elderly. The Agenda covers both new vehicles and also service facilities to be introduced over a period of time.

Oliver Scicluna, Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disability emphasised on the importance of having companies who are evolving their operations getting interested in furthering their services accessible for everybody. He maintained that “eCabs chose to join venture with CRPD as to gain knowledge and breakdown barriers of accessibility. We hope others will follow.”

Signing the Memorandum on behalf of eCabs was Marvin Cuschieri, Chief Officer for Human Capital and Corporate Services, who said that this was a major milestone for the Company and a clear reflection of the company’s ethos and corporate social responsibility. “We are leading by example and committing to invest in our people and assets to provide a fuller service to those persons who face reduced mobility challenges” said Marvin Cuschieri.

Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs, outlined his company’s motivation underlying this agenda and said that “like we have pushed the boundaries of private transportation in Malta, we now believe that we need to bring down the barriers of accessibility to these services to ensure that not only we would allow persons with reduced mobility to access them but to actually empower them in their daily efforts. “

eCabs is the largest passenger transport services provider in Malta, operating ASAP and pre-booked services on a 24×7 basis. eCabs has been the innovation driver in the industry and was the path-finder of the existing market, leading to improved passenger services and affordable pricing models.

Credorax Partners With eCabs to Ensure Frictionless Payments Transactions

The Integration of the Two Maltese Companies’ Services is Set to Provide eCabs with Higher Approval Rates and Frictionless Payments

Valletta, Malta – January 22, 2019 – Credorax, a Malta-based leading smart acquiring banking firm, announced today a new partnership with eCabs – Malta’s leading, tech-driven minicab company. Credorax’s proprietary cross-border acquiring technology platform will enable eCabs to provide seamless payment services in its mobile app, hence increasing approval rates.

eCabs is Malta’s leading, tech-driven transportation company, dominating the market because of its embrace of technology and reputation for excellent customer service. Similarly, Credorax has built a global reputation for its tech-first approach to banking, which has fueled 2000% growth since 2012 and the development of market-leading services, such as the fastest gateway on the market and an onboarding process that takes 24-48 hours instead of weeks. It’s this embrace of technology, coupled with their shared Maltese DNA that makes the partnership of these two companies so effective.

Credorax’s payment technology stems from its ability to be both a hi-tech company and a fully licensed bank, enabling eCabs to leverage Credorax’s suite of smart acquiring tools. Credorax uses its advanced business intelligence (BI) and agile reporting tools to analyze every transaction, increasing approval rates and revenues for eCabs.

“We chose Credorax as our payment partner as we share a common vision and ethos in how technology is applied in the business domain with agility and confidence being the key success factors,” said Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs. “In this context, we have integrated Credorax payment services in our new mobile app delivering the most fast, transparent, secure and responsive transportation application available on the island.”

“We are delighted to be working with eCabs, with whom we share not only a location but also a shared vision of simple payments,” said Geert van Maarssevee, Vice President Sales and Business Development at Credorax. “Our ability to process and analyze payments quickly and efficiently and to provide advanced BI tools makes this an ideal collaboration to implement our diverse payment solutions.”

About eCabs: Founded in 2010, eCabs is Malta’s leading, privately-owned passenger transportation company, moving thousands of people daily in an efficient and affordable fashion. Since inception, eCabs has developed and delivered technology-driven, passenger-centric services making it the path-finder for local private minicab operations in Malta.  eCabs aims to now evolve into the leading transport solutions service provider and integrator in Malta, revolutionising mobility and inter-modality. Visit

About Credorax: Founded in 2008, Credorax is one of the first technology companies in the world to have evolved into a licensed commercial bank that specializes in merchant acquiring, as well as the first bank developed specifically for the e-commerce sector. It holds merchant acquiring banking licenses in 32 countries across Europe.

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Pre-Qualification Process for a BI player

eCabs is a privately-owned transport services provider which has grown at a very fast pace over its eight years of operation, establishing it as a market leader in what has traditionally been a closed, protective and conventional market. Driven at the core by the enterprising vision of the family business, the Company grew into a fully-fledged transportation firm gradually extending the diversity and depth of the service.

From a business standpoint, the growth of the Company has evolved to reach a degree of critical mass in its operations, which is reflective of its market penetration. Running its business from its own premises, eCabs has drastically grown its business over the last 8 years presently employing over 600 people in a highly complex operation, functioning in an equally complex external environment.

Over its years of operating within the local transportation industry, the Company has succeeded in reinventing the taxi industry and establish itself as the undisputed market and thought leader in the segment. Through its continuous multi-pronged investment in vehicles and technology the company has managed to create and maintain a driving edge in the industry, setting the bar for all the other operators that have since started operating.

The Company is seeking to sustain its growth phase through horizontally diversifying its service portfolio through entry into specific niche markets including B2B and B2C platforms and events alongside other operational spin-offs arising out of this domain. Such information can only be obtained through business intelligence tools which can assist in highlighting patterns and opportunities which otherwise may be missed.

Cab services will be revolutionised once again

“In the coming 24 months we shall once again revolutionise the passenger transport industry by providing more capabilities and service variables to the commuters, enabling them to ditch their car and shift to the cab model.” This was stated by Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs during a visit to the eCabs Operations Centre by Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg. Matthew Bezzina explained how the Company his family founded in 2010 had created a new paradigm in the passenger transport industry making the service more accessible, timely and affordable across all sectors of society and economy.

In his comments, Minister Borg commended the investment being made by the company, both in terms of infrastructure, as well as in terms of human resources and technology – all elements which need to work concurrently. He noted that the fact that this company, which employs a considerable number of people, has decided to invest heavily in ways to reach the public, and also focus on how to improve the service, pairs with the government’s objective to continue promoting the use of alternative means of transport. He said that he is pleased to have been informed of the 20% increase in service usage between 2017 and 2018 – positive figures which mean that people are increasingly acknowledging the existing alternatives to their private vehicles. “This is the culture change we are working to promote so that people can take up the habit of not always using their private cars and not necessarily using the same means of transport to arrive and return ”, said the minister.

Matthew Bezzina explained how from a small family start-up, eCabs is today’s Malta’s leading, privately-owned passenger transportation company, moving thousands of people daily in an efficient and affordable fashion. Since inception, eCabs has developed and delivered technology-driven, passenger-centtric services making it the path-finder for local private minicab operations in Malta.  He stressed that the Company now aims to now evolve into the leading transport solutions service proivder and integrator in Malta, revolutionising mobility and inter-modality.


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