Development & Testing Services Expression of Interest

eCabs Ltd. is a privately-owned transport services provider which has grown at a very fast pace over its nine years of operation, establishing it as a market leader in what has traditionally been a closed, protective and conventional market.

Cuorium Ltd is focused on providing solutions in conjunction with the transport and logistics sector. Its main customer is the local leading cab company – eCabs Co. Ltd.

Cuorium has created a unique solution, different to other providers on the market, that allows cab bookings to be made through 5 different channels, as well as caters for 2 booking types (pre-bookings and immediate pick-ups). Thus, it is seeking to internationalise its platform in the transport field and extend the use of its applications to other businesses such as the transport of goods.

Cuorium Ltd is issuing this Expression of Interest (EOI) to build and have available a pool of experienced Suppliers to provide the company with the necessary application development and testing services as and when requested.

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