eCabs Lottery Generates 26,000 App Downloads

Over 26,000 new users installed the eCab app between January and April of this year. During this period, a lottery was organised by eCabs, in collaboration with Michael Attard Ltd, to promote the company’s new App. Over 80,000 rides were booked through the app during the same period. 

Every person downloading and booking a ride through eCabs’ app received a lottery ticket via email. The lottery generated over 100,000 tickets with the winner, Khalila Wanalia Astwood winning a brand new Peugeot 108.

Nicholas Attard, Chief Officer, Marketing and Business Development at eCabs said that “knowing that throughout this campaign we generated another 80,000 booked rides means that more people have been exposed to the eCabs experience and today, they are more aware of the value that they get when they book with us and that with eCabs they get to enjoy a service that is punctual, works in real time and is consistently of the highest level.”

eCabs mobile app is a very straightforward method of booking a ride within a few seconds. One of the main features of this app is that once you book a cab, you can monitor in real time where the cab is. Another important advantage is that when you pre-book a cab through the app, customers enjoy advantageous rates.

“Ultimately, giving added value through such competitions is important but what is mostly important for us at eCabs is that people realise the ease of use of our app, which we consider to be the very essence of our service and of what our company stands for” added Nicholas Attard.


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