eCabs Supports Victory Kitchen

The moment Rafel Sammut floated his ‘Victory Kitchen’ vision to eCabs, was the instant that his delivery headache was lifted. “The idea of helping others in need totally resonated with our values. We loved Rafel’s vision, especially the idea of creating something that is not just for the moment this crisis has led us to deal with, but a project for the long term. Chapeau to Rafel for coming up with the initiative. He is doing all the hard work, so helping him get the last part of the process sorted was an obvious and very quick decision for us”, said Simon Debono, Chief Marketing Officer at eCabs.       .

“I must admit that this project would have been more difficult to take off without the support of eCabs who have committed themselves whole-heartedly to it and who have now mobilised a good number of drivers who are carrying out all the food deliveries for us in a very timely and organised manner,” said Rafel.

The initiative kicked off with delivering food to a family of six and was meant to start feeding another five families every week. Things however, quickly picked up and by the first week, eCabs had already delivered 65 meals. To date, 360 meals have been delivered to around 75 families.


eCabs’ support to the Victory Kitchen project builds on its recently launched “eCabs Delivers” delivery service created purposely for merchants to assist them in delivering their goods to customers at reasonable and market realistic rates.

“The new service is being run in line with eCabs’ newly adopted standard operating procedures that ensure      deliveries are made with vehicles that are constantly sanitized using hospital-grade viral disinfectant. We are glad about this added opportunity to apply our high standards in hygiene in favour of this worthy cause,” added Simon Debono.


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