Cab services will be revolutionised once again

“In the coming 24 months we shall once again revolutionise the passenger transport industry by providing more capabilities and service variables to the commuters, enabling them to ditch their car and shift to the cab model.” This was stated by Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs during a visit to the eCabs Operations Centre by Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg. Matthew Bezzina explained how the Company his family founded in 2010 had created a new paradigm in the passenger transport industry making the service more accessible, timely and affordable across all sectors of society and economy.

In his comments, Minister Borg commended the investment being made by the company, both in terms of infrastructure, as well as in terms of human resources and technology – all elements which need to work concurrently. He noted that the fact that this company, which employs a considerable number of people, has decided to invest heavily in ways to reach the public, and also focus on how to improve the service, pairs with the government’s objective to continue promoting the use of alternative means of transport. He said that he is pleased to have been informed of the 20% increase in service usage between 2017 and 2018 – positive figures which mean that people are increasingly acknowledging the existing alternatives to their private vehicles. “This is the culture change we are working to promote so that people can take up the habit of not always using their private cars and not necessarily using the same means of transport to arrive and return ”, said the minister.

Matthew Bezzina explained how from a small family start-up, eCabs is today’s Malta’s leading, privately-owned passenger transportation company, moving thousands of people daily in an efficient and affordable fashion. Since inception, eCabs has developed and delivered technology-driven, passenger-centtric services making it the path-finder for local private minicab operations in Malta.  He stressed that the Company now aims to now evolve into the leading transport solutions service proivder and integrator in Malta, revolutionising mobility and inter-modality.