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Your guide to the best taxi app in Malta

Your guide to the best taxi app in Malta

This blog will take you on a journey through the remarkable features that make eCabs the best taxi app in Malta.

Effortless booking with just a few clicks

Seamlessly blending technology, reliability, and customer satisfaction, eCabs offers a taxi app that redefines how you experience transportation on the Maltese Islands.

With eCabs’ user-friendly app, summoning a ride is as easy as a couple of taps on your mobile phone.

Whether you need an ASAP pickup or wish to schedule a ride for a later date or time, eCabs has got you covered.

The only Maltese taxi app

eCabs isn’t just a taxi app; it’s the only Maltese taxi app.

This local touch translates to a deep understanding of the island’s unique transportation needs and its challenges.

When you ride with eCabs, you’re not just a customer. You are part of a community that’s working to make Malta’s travel experience better for everyone.

Rides – your preference, your choice

Every traveller is unique, and eCabs understands that.

The App presents you with a range of ride options to match your preferences, such as Comfort, Executive, Luxury, or Eco (electric or hybrid cars).

Your guide to the best taxi app in Malta

Real-time tracking for ultimate peace of mind

With the app’s real-time tracking feature, you can keep tabs on your driver’s location.

No more uncertainty about when your taxi will arrive; you’ll know precisely when to expect it.

You can even call your driver from the App, as well as leave a note.

Various payment options

At eCabs, convenience extends to payment methods too. Whether you prefer to pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or cash via the app, the choice is yours.

Furthermore, the payment method can be changed easily from the App at any time.

Premium quality at the best prices

eCabs offers the best prices on the market without compromising on quality or transparency.

Your comfort and safety remain our top priorities, all while ensuring you don’t break the bank.

Your guide to the best taxi app in Malta

Amend as you go

Through the eCabs App, it is very simple to cancel a booking, whether it was pre-booked or an ASAP ride.

It is also very easy to edit your personal details, such as your name, surname, phone, email, and home/work address, through the App.

Earn while you ride with eCabs Circle

Accumulate rewards as you travel the Maltese streets, with our eCabs Circle reward scheme, making every ride a step towards benefits which are tailor-made for you.

Swift pick-up times

Time is of the essence, and eCabs respects that.

Our extensive fleet is strategically positioned across the island, translating to prompt pick-up times.

No matter where you are, an eCabs taxi is never too far away, making your travel experience not just convenient, but time-efficient too.

Round-the-clock customer support

Sometimes you might need assistance or realise you’ve left something valuable in the vehicle.

eCabs offers the only 24/7 customer support on the island.

With a simple tap of a button in the App, you can connect with their dedicated support team, who are ready to assist you whenever you need them.

Going global

eCabs Technologies recently began its internationalisation process, expanding the eCabs Technologies ride hailing platform to various major European cities and beyond, including Athens, Greece and Bucharest, Romania.

And there is so much more to come on this exciting journey.

Step into a new era of ride-hailing with eCabs and experience seamless travel in Malta.

eCabs Circle reward scheme

Be part of eCabs Circle reward scheme

What are the benefits of joining the eCabs Circle reward scheme? With eCabs Circle the more you ride, the more you earn.

If you enjoy receiving rewards, then eCabs Circle reward scheme is perfect for you. Simply download the eCabs App for iOS or Android and open it on your preferred device. If you have already done so – congratulations!

Look for the three lines located in the top left-hand corner of the app and click on them. Then click on eCabs Circle. Your current points balance is shown in the circle on the top right hand side.

Why join eCabs Circle?

There are four tiers in eCabs Circle: Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As a new member, you will begin at the Blue tier, where every €1 you spend translates into one point.

After five rides, you will advance to the Silver tier, where you will earn two points for every €1 spent.

Once you have completed your 30th ride, you will advance to the Gold tier, where you will earn three points for every €1 spent.

Reaching the Platinum tier requires more effort, but the rewards are worth it. You will need to complete 61 rides within a six-month period to reach Platinum and earn four points for every €1 spent.

Periodic promotions and benefits

In addition to the points-based system, eCabs Circle offers periodic promotions and benefits for each tier. Furthermore, you will receive a reward for every 500 points earned.

Interested in learning more about how eCabs Circle can enhance your journey?

Book a ride in Malta and Gozo with eCabs

How to book a ride with eCabs

There are various ways to book a ride with eCabs… which one do you prefer?

Book a ride with eCabs via the App

Booking a cab through the eCabs App is the most comfortable and efficient option.

The eCabs App can be downloaded on both iOS from the App Store and Android from Google Play. Upon downloading the App, you will have numerous choices at your disposal.

Firstly, you can select whether to book an instant ride or schedule a ride for the future, enabling you to plan your day, week, or even month in advance.

Moreover, you can pick the ride style that you prefer from a range of options, such as eCabs Go (for the quickest pickups), Economy (for low-cost rides), Eco (for electric or hybrid rides), Van and Luxury Van (for group travel), Comfort (for stylish and comfortable rides), Pro, Luxury, and Executive (for elegant occasions), Pets (for those traveling with animals), and Booster (for travelers with young children).

The price for each category is clearly indicated, including any available discounts, and you will receive the pick-up time before booking.

You can also select your preferred payment method, either by credit card, Apple Pay, or cash via the App.

Additionally, you can track your taxi’s progress in real-time and communicate with your driver through the App. In case of any issues, our 24/7 Customer Care Contact Centre is accessible through the App, ensuring prompt assistance.

By using the eCabs App, you can also participate in the eCabs Circle reward scheme, which provides additional benefits.

Book a ride via the website

Alternatively, you can book a taxi via the eCabs website, where you can instantly book any of the vehicle types mentioned above or schedule a ride for a future date. You will be notified of the pickup time and the estimated travel duration. You can choose to pay either by cash or on account.

Book a ride by telephone

Lastly, if you prefer speaking to a human operator, you can call on the eCabs number +356 21 383838 to book your ride via telephone.

eCabs is Malta’s leading taxi service, offering on-demand and scheduled rides 24/7, with thousands of cabs at your service.

eCabs Circle

eCabs Circle celebrates 70,000 members

eCabs Circle, the unique, app-based reward programme, launched in late 2020 by Maltese ride-hailing platform eCabs, now has 70,000 members and is growing at an increasing rate. The programme, which is open to all eCabs customers, converts the amount spent on fares into points in ever-increasing amounts. They are then converted into free rides. Through eCabs Circle, customers are now enjoying over 1,000 free rides per week.

Describing the reasons behind the launch of eCabs Circle, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Simon Debono said, “In a commoditised and highly competitive global mobility market, we needed to increase brand stickiness.  So, we designed a system to enhance customer loyalty through a tiered system that promotes usage and rewards to our highest-value customers based on the quantity of rides and actual spend. Developing this programme is also an important learning curve for our international ambitions, to facilitate market penetration strategies.”

“While, so far, our most loyal eCabs Circle members have been able to enjoy up to one in every seven rides for free, the success of this project is encouraging us to further develop the product and deliver additional benefits. For example, points could be converted into value for other modes of transport. This would promote the concept of multimodality which is much needed in Malta and many other cities around the world,” continued Debono.

The eCabs Circle app

The eCabs Circle platform is accessible through the eCabs App, giving each user full view of their status in points and rides. eCabs created the platform, while Yegertek – a Dubai-based company specialising in customer engagement and loyalty tech solutions – developed it. Yegertek’s Engage365-A Microsoft CRM based loyalty solutions have empowered several customer-facing enterprises like eCabs to maximise the efficacy of their engagement strategies.

Sajid Azmi, Founder and CEO of Yegertek, said, “The pandemic certainly accelerated the digitisation of customer engagement and loyalty. Companies like eCabs who understood this and acted now have a definite competitive advantage. Success demands that your strategies are agile, efficient and, most importantly, people centric. These will remain our focus as we continue to support eCabs in growing their business internationally.”

Kerstin Rizzo, eCabs Chief Programmes Officer added, “Since eCabs already runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we approached several Microsoft partners who specialise in reward schemes. We ultimately selected Yegertek as they met our extensive requirements, integrated well with our technology team, and displayed the willingness to further develop the product based on our design.” 

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