eCabs is cab company of choice in Malta Today survey

The St Julian’s-based company eCabs is the preferred taxi choice for commuters, followed by Bolt, a Polar survey on private taxis has found.

eCabs is the preferred choice of 50.8% of people and its popularity cuts across all age groups and all regions.

Bolt is the preferred choice of 22.4% of people, being more popular among the younger audiences.

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eCabs’ service becomes even safer, more personal

eCabs has launched four new cab categories within its mobile App to help customers make better and easier choices and improve the user experience when booking their mobility requirements.

The four options – Eco, Pets, Booster Seat and Assist – are set to contribute to an even safer and more comfortable customer experience, within a faster and simpler booking process through the App, or all other booking channels.

In line with eCabs’ ambitious electric vehicles project, customers may now easily opt for a 100% electric or hybrid vehicle through the Eco option within the App; they can also book a cab with a booster seat for their little travellers or opt for eCabs Assist whenever they need a little extra help and special assistance from trained drivers, in line with eCabs’ Passenger Safety Charter standards.

A cab may also be easily ordered for clients wishing to travel with their pets – whilst eCabs has been pet friendly for over 5 years, the in-App experience and booking flow has now been much improved.

“These new categories aim at providing more personalisation that offers a safer, more reliable and pleasant user experience. Our design and development team is consistently hard at work to improve our product offering for a more intuitive and seamless user experience,” says Simon Debono, eCabs’ Chief Officer for Marketing and Business Development.

This move follows eCabs’ recently announced project that will see it run entirely on green vehicles by 2025 and builds on its commitment to offer more choice with their growing number of partner drivers which can be booked through the eCabs Go category in-App. Partner drivers are also incentivised to go Green through more favourable terms.

“These four new categories define the eCabs brand as a more sustainable and all-inclusive one, which seeks to constantly improve the customer experience. This is one of many more improvements that we will be seeing this year as we keep on consolidating our platform in preparation for our long-term ambitions,” concluded Simon Debono.


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The green way forward

It had to take a deadly pandemic to finally get the world population out of its slumber and embrace the need to save our planet from irreparable damage. Green seems to be the most common buzzword to emerge out of the ongoing pandemic but, by all means, it is justified. Of course, this is not a sudden change but a result of a slow process which has now reached tipping point.

For a few months, last year, around March and April, we were able to witness what it meant to have very few cars on the road as economic activity slowed down. The air was clear; the country, although eerily deserted, more beautiful than it was for ages. Asthma sufferers breathed a sigh of relief.

That seems to contrast heavily with the stark warning coming out of an NSO publication earlier this year highlighting the fact that this country has reached a staggering 400,000 registered vehicles on our roads. That number, being close to Malta’s population, is a wake-up call to all of us that we must now take the decisive step to move towards a truly green economy.

This pandemic has taught us an important lesson: when faced with severe and immediate health risks, people responded. Because we believed that the virus posed such a risk, we took action, collectively. Previously, while most of us are, to a certain extent, aware that the world faced a climate emergency, there was no feeling of immediate concern and action was slow. This has now changed.

Sustainability has been abused as a term for a couple of decades at least but it lies at the heart of the changes we will need to embark upon. Our future and that of our children will be significantly affected by the flights and trips we avoid, the quality of the household goods we choose to buy (or not to), the kind of electricity we use and how we dispose of our waste. Each to his or her own but that will drive real change on a large scale.

The good thing about all this is that, as a nation, we are not alone in this vision. Over the past months, the European Union has pushed forward an unprecedented Green Deal, which has tied considerable EU funding to the green transition. This will hopefully provide us, as a country, with the necessary boost, resource and financial-wise, to prop up the measures we take locally.

However, no government can bring this change alone and neither can a handful of private companies. This will require collective action. While, at eCabs, innovation and change are a raison d’etre of our own existence, we have witnessed the rapid transformation in people’s minds throughout the past months.

The experience of people sharing stories of what should have been a normal thing to do – like walking through a popular promenade without soaking up exhaust fumes from the hundreds of vehicles slowly moving along the road’s traffic – inspired us to take our innovative efforts further.

The events of the past year strengthened our resolve to cement our vision for reducing our impact on the air quality in our country and spearhead a ‘Cleaner eCabs Future’ in everything that we will be doing going forward, including in the future development of our owned spaces.

We are kickstarting this off by committing to an ambitious goal of fully electrifying our fleet by 2025, an investment that will be a substantial one.

I believe this is the future that beckons. COVID-19 has made us all more conscious that green is the way forward. Every business will, ultimately, take this road. If it is not because of intrinsic belief, it will happen because our customers, advisers and banks will, at some point, question our sustainability. We are committed to take a leading role in this drive. Our nation, our families, deserve this.

Matthew Bezzina , CEO of eCabs


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eCabs to be 100% Green by 2025

Mobility company eCabs is embarking on an ambitious project that will see it run entirely on green vehicles by 2025. The initiative was announced by eCabs CEO Matthew Bezzina in the presence of Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli.


Minister Dalli welcomed this investment as a strong signal by the private sector that wants to be part of the Government’s vision to decarbonise the economy by 2050.


“The private sector will find the Government on its side in its transition towards a more sustainable economy. My Ministry, together with other government entities, is working hard on a holistic strategy that will help encourage the take up of zero and low-emission vehicles,” Dr Dalli said.


She explained that a further take up by the private sector will help Malta reach its targets. “We can only reach our national targets if everyone is onboard. The Government is doing its part to encourage and facilitate the use of methods that are less harmful towards the environment, both financially and logistically,” the Minister said.


On his part, Mr Bezzina welcomed the commitment from Government adding: “The project to electrify our whole fleet and install all the required infrastructure will mean a significant investment by eCabs, which does require equal commitment from Government to ensure that the infrastructure to support electric mobility be implemented. This support given to this vision is welcome and encouraging”.


The electrification process has started with the launch of a number of fully electric vehicles including models from KIA, Hyundai and Citroen that join the existing hybrid vehicles in the eCabs fleet.


Mr. Bezzina continued that positives could be taken from the sacrifices all had to endure in 2020, “The restrictions during last year’s lockdown sent our industry into a spiral, but on a more positive note less traffic meant reduced air pollution and cleaner air for everyone. The country although eerily deserted, was more liveable than it was for ages. This strengthened our resolve to cement our ongoing vision towards becoming even more sustainable and inspired our eCabs Greener Future initiative,” stated Matthew Bezzina.


“We are seeking more sustainable and cleaner operations in everything we are doing, including the future development of our owned spaces as well as a sustainable framework which includes incentivising and supporting our partner drivers to follow in these footsteps,” added Mr. Bezzina.


Concurrently and in support to this commitment, eCabs will also be launching a scheme to incentivise its partner drivers to invest in EVs or Hybrids including an improved financial model and other frameworks.


eCabs officially launched its Partner Drivers initiative late last year following the Public Service Garage reform concluded and launched by Government. The initiative offers self-employed drivers the opportunity to work for Malta’s leading home-grown mobility provider non-exclusively, essentially allowing drivers to increase their revenue stream possibilities, much needed in these troubling times.


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eCabs awarded as most inclusive company

Earlier this year, eCabs expanded its fleet to include a fully equipped van with a motorised lift, capable to serve both wheelchair users and other passengers accompanying them.

To date, 1500 persons have used this service which eCabs has been offering free of charge.

Launched last April, the service is being offered to all persons certified by the CRPD as requiring accessible transport, who would need to visit a hospital or a clinic, be they public or private.

In addition, a training programme was launched together with Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) in order to train staff members how to ensure the right service level is offered to people with disabilities.

At eCabs, inclusivity is not only limited to its employees, but is also reflected through services it offers, in line with its strategic commitment to offer affordable mobility to everyone.

eCabs has just been awarded the ‘Premju Soċjetà Ġusta’ as the workplace that offers the most inclusive environment. eCabs was shortlisted together with another 16 companies including Lombard Bank, GO, Mizzi Organisation, G4S, General Soft Drinks, JF Group, Camilleri Holdings and Maypole amongst others.

Receiving the award, eCabs’ Chief Officer for Human Capital and Corporate Services Marvin Cuschieri said “this award comes as an honour to our company and is testament to the consistent and committed work we undertake to make eCabs a model employer that is looking into the future with resolve towards its ambitious objectives. This year has dealt us quite a surprise and we’ve had to adapt across the board very quickly to be able to support our people and their diverse needs.”

“But this year also taught us a lot, especially that no matter what the circumstances are, we need to keep supporting our people as best we can. The company in fact, offers flexible work arrangements with its staff, learning and development opportunities and promotes an equal and inclusive environment,” added Mr. Cuschieri.


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Human dignity must always remain a priority.

COVID 19 has exposed the ugly side of gig work, leaving vulnerable workers exposed to the brutality of operating in an unregulated market.

As the pandemic tore through economies highly dependent on tourism and travel, ride-hailing drivers witnessed their incomes dwindle, consequently forcing them to work long inhumane hours in deteriorating conditions. It also provided opportunities, and accelerated the rise of delivery, creating industries requiring new skill sets and adjustments to pay expectations.

On the demand side, customers crave the convenience of meals delivered to their homes and offices and taxi rides that are just a tap away. On the supply side, workers grasp the opportunity to work in a flexible manner.

The gig economy is here to stay. In the spirit of fairness and sustainability, Malta must adopt a proactive approach in creating a ‘third way’ of regulating platform/gig economy work, and provide platform workers basic protection from unforeseen economic cycles, seasonal shocks in demand, and on-the-job injuries.

A thriving business should never come at the cost of human dignity. Let’s not wake up when it’s too late.

Matthew Bezzina, eCabs CEO


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eCabs Proof That R&D is Way Forward for Country

“Maltese culture is not inducive of risk. Few people are willing to take risks and this is why a company like eCabs who ten years ago took a leap of faith and courage, needs to be a role model for tomorrow’s generations.” 


This was stated by Opposition Leader Dr Bernard Grech during a visit to eCabs’ Head Offices in St Julian’s.


The Opposition Leader praised eCabs for its long-term vision that notwithstanding the challenges, persevered for 10 years with unwavering determination and courage, invested in innovation and technology and become a leader in mobility.


“Malta should put research and development at the top of its priorities and direct serious investment towards this sector because Malta holds a lot of potential and talent that needs to be tapped. Proof of this is the success story that is eCabs – a successful start-up that has grown into an enterprise and is now looking beyond our shores,” said Dr Bernard Grech.


“Believing in local talent should not merely stop at applauding start-ups but should translate into tangible actions most notably through the creation of an ecosystem that encourages the flow of venture capital and investment support to move innovative ideas from concept to market,” said eCabs CEO Matthew Bezzina.


Matthew Bezzina recalled how 10 years ago, eCabs embarked on a journey to radically transform passenger mobility through the application of technology.


“We started small but with big aspirations. We succeeded to make the leap from start-up to enterprise and now making our first steps to take our dream into international waters. The growth-path was far from plain-sailing, within a system that instead of nurturing growth, acted more as a barrier. If Malta wants to be the tech destination it aspires to be, we need to collectively act on empowering start-ups and tech ventures to grow and make the same leap we made,” added Mr Bezzina. 


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eCabs Rebrand

eCabs implements pioneering Passenger Safety Charter

eCabs is the first mobility service provider in Malta to ever implement and commit to a comprehensive Passenger Safety Charter, through which it is voluntarily self-regulating its standards to ensure the highest level of passenger safety in the provision of its services.

The Charter titled ‘eCabs and You’ represents a commitment by the Company to consistently take proactive measures to ensure the safety of its passengers and drivers, as well as creating and promoting a responsible environment for safer Maltese roads.

“From day one, our commitment has not only been that of bringing positive disruption and meaningful change in our sector but also to help raise the bar when it comes to standards across the board. Passenger and driver safety are at the inner core of our services: this is why we decided to go the extra mile and impose on ourselves standards which go beyond those stipulated by the Law” says Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs.

“It is within this spirit that we have been working on the Passenger Safety Charter for the past months and today we are proud to have reached this very important milestone in our journey. We have researched and sought international best practice and shaped a Charter which will set the gold-standard for mobility in Malta. The ‘eCabs & You’ Passenger Safety Charter is defined by our brand values, being in touch with what matters most to passengers, drivers and all those with whom we share the road, including pedestrians, cyclists and people in other vehicles,” added Matthew Bezzina.

The Charter is enabled by the fact that eCabs’ remains the only operator that boasts a 24/7 controlled environment with an over-riding safety-first priority. Whilst the entire operation is fully technology-driven, eCabs retains an element of manned and logistical control, ensuring constant support for the hundreds of drivers, full control over drivers’ trips, tracking of locations and system access control.

‘eCabs & You’ defines the rights and responsibilities of both the passengers and the drivers, clearly defining the parameters within which a journey is to take place. The Charter covers all key areas including customer care, health and safety, vehicle sanitisation, driver behavior, passenger interaction, mutual respect and emergency protocols.

Greta Borg Bezzina, Operations Director at eCabs, said “the Charter sets out the parameters for safe travel guidelines, clearly sets out how complaints are handled, promotes the ease of booking through the multichannel booking options and states the Company’s ‘Lost & Found’ policy whereby items found in cabs following a drop-off are returned to customers through eCabs’ 24/7 contact centre.

“eCabs is not only committed to take passenger and driver safety very seriously but to also drive positive action by everyone to take safety on the road seriously. Our Passenger Safety Charter is a mutually beneficial tool being enshrined in the fabric of the Company. Passengers will understand better their rights and responsibilities, as well as those of their driver, and benefit from the peace of mind knowing they are trusting a Company where their safety is not a mere hashtag, but a core value. We are committed to keep on leading the space of passenger safety and trust that our Charter will inspire all stakeholders in the sector into nurturing a true commitment towards road safety,” concluded Greta Borg Bezzina.


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eCabs sets new Safety and Comfort Standards in School Transport.

As an integral step in the shaping of its leading mobility solutions portfolio, eCabs has launched a new service line for school transport, which is setting the standard for mobility involving children in Malta.

Safety, professionalism and comfort have been cornerstones of the eCabs brand promise since its first day of operations over a decade ago. Expand this into the performance of school runs, particularly in the middle of such a challenging period shaped by the Covid-19 restrictions, has spurred eCabs to once again raise the bar of  existing standards and service offering, to meet international best practice. The fleet of highly sanitised people carriers dedicated to the school run service were very well received by parents, being fully aware of eCabs’ unwavering commitment to the highest health and safety protocols.

“Once again we are raising the bar. We are humbled by the response of the parents who chose to trust their children in eCabs’ hands, confirming the high regard there already exists about our health and safety standards. Unlike traditional school runs, we are also offering the service of collection and drop-off outside the children’s home, rather than the traditional meeting-point, translating into more convenience but even more safety for the children to remain within the proximity of their home until picked up” says Simon Debono, Chief Marketing Officer at eCabs.

eCabs’ fleet procedures includes an intensive sanitisation process, whilst all drivers are equipped with disinfectant sprays and wipes to constantly sanitise all high touch areas within the vehicle.

Fewer children than the maximum capacity per vehicle are being accommodated to avoid overcrowding, improve safety and respect social distancing provisions even within the van. 8-seater people carriers which have been deployed are purposely selected to reduce the number of children in contact with each other in every run and as little as 6 children are being accommodated in each 8-seater. In the case when 16 seaters are being used, the number of children has been limited to 11.

The eCabs drivers have been given specialised one-to-one training related to the varying guidelines and requirements of the different schools, with hand sanitizer provided on board each vehicle being used, the assurance that all children wear their masks onboard, as well as fastened seatbelts before each trip commences. Attendance is also being taken per trip to further enhance the safety and tracing of the childrens on each trip.

“As a parent, I know all too well that when it comes to school transport, we want the peace of mind that our children are on time for school and back home afterwards in the safest hands possible,” added Mr Debono.

Fewer children on board of the vans also mean shorter round trips and better management by drivers. All routes have also been optimized through the eCabs proprietary data platform, to minimuse the transit period from home to school and vice-versa. For added flexibility, eCabs is also offering its 24-hour support service contact centre where parents can get in touch and advise of any sudden changes so that eCabs can plan and adapt to any changes to the route accordingly, as well as the adoption of the Lost & Found service being a handy addition to school runs.


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