to innovate & professionalise the cab service in Malta, whilst reaching out to market segments never targeted before

to innovate & professionalise the cab service in Malta, whilst reaching out to market segments never targeted before

eCabs is Malta’s leading minicab company with vehicles and people carriers dotting the Island ready to service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call or book online and you’ll have one of our distinguishable black cabs in no time. Renowned for our outstanding customer service, we offer low pick up time frames from any point in Malta.

roots_iconOur roots

Since its inception, eCabs has been at the forefront of transport reform, not only in terms of the service provided but more so in moulding a new profile to the industry. The company was founded by three young entrepreneurs wishing to reenergise the industry with renewed professionalism, flexibility, savoir faire and technological understanding. Over the last few years, eCabs has emerged as a trend setter particularly thanks to the prevailing trust vested in it by its varied clientele which has identified fully with its corporate values.

present_iconeCabs today

In this light, eCabs continues to raise the benchmarks of the transport industry in the Maltese islands, first and foremost by implementing industry best practices, investing in smart technology and continuously empowering its human resource through training. This will significantly ameliorate the transport industry in Malta, while creating a professional workforce in an industry that for years gone by had experienced a complete vacuum.

future_iconLooking ahead

Finally 2013 has seen new milestones achieved namely the inauguration of the new head office which serves as the primary operations control centre and double-hatted as the primary training centre tasked with further developing and setting industry standards. eCabs acknowledges that the evolving industry and its executives likewise mandate unparalleled attention. To fulfil this role, the company has recently invested in a range of executive vehicles thereby strengthening its corporate values. The most important voice remains that of our client and eCabs will continue to actively listen to your views in order to help us improve our service.


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