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A journey of personal growth and success

A journey of personal growth and success

Personal growth is very important to me. And I count myself fortunate that the field I work in is conducive to pushing boundaries and fueling creativity.

My fascination with people and their dynamics drives me to work towards finding solutions that can enhance the quality of experiences for both customers and businesses. This gives me a sense of purpose in my professional endeavours.

Outside of work, my most important role is being a mother to two young and lively boys. They keep me happily occupied in my free time, and I cherish every moment spent with them.

I have also actively pursued further education through various courses and engaged in diverse projects. These experiences have enriched my skillset and allowed me to contribute effectively to different challenges.

As far as my career trajectory goes, I had worked as a Business Analyst since 2016, three of those years in a Scrum environment at eCabs. The company then offered me the possibility to move on to a Product Owner role smoothly and naturally.

Nowadays, I am responsible for defining the vision for the product with our key stakeholders.

One thing that I like – and feel is essential in my role – is to understand and anticipate our users’ needs. So, I can evaluate and prioritise product features and goals.

I truly believe my commitment to understanding customer needs and feedback here at eCabs has allowed me to contribute to my professional and personal growth.

Learning as I go

Scrum allows the team to work in small iterations. This helps the product to be built in an incremental approach, as we adapt to changes to return maximum value. This enables us to handle multiple projects concurrently.

One of my main tasks is evaluating the product progress at each iteration, as well as planning for the next one, based on the priority assigned.

So as a Product Owner I do not need to know all requirements in advance. Instead, I must take decisions to prioritise any backlog.

My fascination with people and their dynamics drives me to work towards finding solutions that can enhance the quality of experiences for both customers and businesses.

eCabs Technologies Product Owner Stephanie Portanier Mifsud

Our teams are very lucky to have a leadership team that is very approachable, supportive, and willing to support us through their invaluable and rare industry experience. They provide us with the individual space for all team members to be able to learn and excel in our roles.

I learn as I go along through continuous collaboration with my team. In this way, I can make the decisions and priorities to continue developing the right product for the business and stakeholders.

Pride and satisfaction

As a technology company that benefits from the wealth of knowledge that has been garnered over 13 years of operational experience, we are eager to bring our expertise and powerful technology platform to investors and operators alike as we venture into new territories.

Our decision to explore new markets was driven by the rising demand for our services. As well as a strong belief in the huge potential of our software offering.

My team and I have had the benefit of being able to rapidly push and test new product features onto the hyper-competitive local market, and then take those learnings and wins to our foreign partners.

We are proud and eager to bring our expertise and innovative solutions to a wider audience and make a positive impact on their lives and businesses.

I feel my journey and commitment to understanding customer needs and feedback has allowed me to contribute substantially to eCabs’ products. I cannot wait to see operations in the new markets scale!

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People-related career

“My ‘people’ career makes me excited to go to work every day!”

Tracy Vella recently joined the eCabs Technologies family as the Recruitment & Employment Branding Manager at their offices in Malta. She says that she always wanted a people-related career, even from a very young age. So, a career in HR, particularly recruitment, was a perfect fit for her.

Building a career focused around people

Tracy is originally from the United States but grew up going to Malta regularly, as her extended family lives there. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology, a BA in Psychology, and a dual minor in Human Resource Management and Sociology. Throughout her career, Tracy has worked for both for-profit and non-profit organisations across multiple industries and territories.

“I knew at a very early age that I wanted a career focused around people. And I studied all things people-related in school. So, Human Resources – especially a people-related field such as recruitment – was a natural fit. I’m very excited that all my previous experiences have led me to this new opportunity,” she says.

Why join eCabs Technologies?

The role/opportunity is what initially attracted Tracy to the organisation. However, once she interviewed with the hiring team, she realised that she would be able to grow and thrive in the environment/culture, and with the people she had met as colleagues. 

“We spend so much of our time at the office and with our colleagues. It is important that we feel comfortable and appreciated, and are given the autonomy to succeed in our own way,” she smiles. “If I have any questions, I’m encouraged to ask them. On my second day on the job, we all brought in baked goods and had them over a cup of coffee and a chat! I was also invited to a team building dinner with our Tech team at the end of week one. Everyone is just very approachable and willing to assist, up to and including the CEO.”

What does Tracy do in her day-to-day work?

It is Tracy’s responsibility to ensure that eCabs attracts, recruits, engages, and retains the most viable, talented, and appropriate people to join the eCabs Technologies team. She also works closely with the Marketing team to let the general public know what differentiates eCabs from their competitors. 

“It is important that we feel comfortable and appreciated, and are given the autonomy to succeed in our own way… Everyone is just very approachable and willing to assist, up to and including the CEO.”

eCabs Recruitment & Employment Branding Manager Tracy Vella

“I let people know who we are as an employer, what employment opportunities we currently have available, and why they should join us. If successful in round one, then round two would be to onboard our new team members from a recruitment/HR perspective,” she explains. “I am currently meeting all the team members, assessing recruitment needs, working with our wonderful Marketing team to put together some amazing employer branding campaigns to show that we are an employer of choice.” 

From the USA to Malta

Tracy is from New York and has been living in Malta for just over five years.

“I think the island is amazing, especially the people and the weather! However, every location has its pros and cons. I’m accustomed to businesses being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; the convenience is unmatched, but the work-life balance can be lacking,” she says. “I think the biggest challenge has been trying to rebuild my ‘community.’ When you relocate, you have to rebuild your network and rediscover your way in a new environment.”

This, of course, is something that the eCabs Technologies HR and Recruitment team can help every new eCabs recruit with.

During her free time, Tracy enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, picnicking, and BBQing. She also loves spending time with her friends and family.

“For me, work-life balance means that you have time for both your professional, as well as your personal responsibilities,” she states. “I totally feel as though I’ve achieved it. I work until I accomplish my tasks at hand. Then once I shut down for the day, I refocus my attention on other people, places, and things. That’s not to say that I am immune from sometimes continuing to try to resolve work-related issues after I leave the office!”

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