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eCabs extends partnership with L-Istrina

eCabs extends partnership with L-Istrina

eCabs and its sister company Fastdrop announced a logistical partnership with L-Istrina, the annual 12-hour telethon dedicated to raising vital funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

Building on a longstanding commitment to the charitable cause, eCabs said it will this year provide 20 vehicles and 20 professional chauffeurs from noon until the annual telethon closes at midnight.

These vehicles will carry L-Istrina personnel tasked with collecting pledges of financial donations from businesses and individuals all across the island.

Several of the vehicles being used form part of the Fastdrop fleet – eCabs’ sister company specialised in delivery.

Meanwhile, a dedicated team of eCabs logistics experts will also embed with the state IT agency MITA to coordinate routes.

eCabs Malta Chief Executive Officer Andrew Bezzina said that while eCabs has been a long standing supporter of L-Istrina, the company now considers itself an active partner in the event.

“eCabs is a Maltese company, set up to serve the Maltese community. That is why we are thrilled to support L-Istrina every year – a national effort which touches the lives of so many,” Bezzina said.

Fastdrop Chief Executive Officer Greta Borg said the company was pleased to be supporting L-Istrina, as well as providing pro bono logistical support for several other charitable initiatives, including migrant respite organisation MOAS, and Fondazzjoni Sebħ which works with women survivors of violence.

Fastdrop is a last-mile parcel delivery service and forms part of the eCabs group of companies.

Beyond the 12-hour telethon on Boxing Day, eCabs and Fastdrop will also be extending their support for L-Istrina throughout the week, providing crucial logistical assistance in the collection of funds pledged during and after the event.

John Huber, Chairman of the Administrative Board of The Malta Community Chest Fund which organises L-Istrina thanked eCabs and Fastdrop for their commitment.

“It is thanks to the collective efforts of companies like eCabs and FastDrop that we hope to make this year’s edition of L-Istrina another success and I encourage everyone to contribute whatever they can to this initiative,” he said.

L-Istrina, an annual tradition since 1995, serves as a beacon of hope for individuals requiring rare or expensive medical treatment or care.

The funds raised through this telethon empower the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation to make a positive difference in the lives of countless people in the community.

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ECabs Reinventing The Last Mile Delivery Industry Through Fastdrop

eCabs reinventing the last mile delivery industry through Fastdrop

New 24/7 last mile platform set to permanently change delivery services in Malta.

Local mobility tech industry leaders eCabs have stepped up investment in their last mile platform Fastdrop to bring to the market exceptional service, a new paradigm in last mile delivery and affordable rates, new and improved services that enable even the smallest of stores to be part of the e-commerce market. eCabs is now aiming to become the leading last mile player in the industry, leveraging its unique technology platform with the Maltese market serving as a global showcase for the platform.

Having announced their global strategic partnership with German tech company M-Tribes in August, Fastdrop General Manager Greta Borg explains, “strategically, we are tackling in the same way we revolutionised the cab market in Malta: invest in technology, team up with the best minds in the segment, build a platform on our own intellectual property, take it to the Maltese market and then expand globally.” Greta added that “what has resulted today is an incredible demand for our services. This was translated into the daily delivery of thousands of packages of all sizes and nature. All this in a matter of weeks.”

The accelerated growth of Fastdrop is due to a constantly increasing long list of satisfied B2B clients who are experiencing a process driven platform which is easy to use, empowers the business with data and live tracking, provides the fastest and most cost-effective delivery times on the market with live proof of delivery and offers an unmatched 24/7 service including live support even on public holidays.

An effective, efficient and inexpensive last mile capability

Being tech first, the sky is the limit on where Fastdrop has set its sights. The product development roadmap is packed solid with features. These include eCommerce plug-ins for quick deployment of an eCommerce last mile offering, as well as labelling and scanning with the innovative and brand friendly use of QR codes, unique in this type of deployment. Other features will include end customer tracking through mobile application, empowering customers to also affect delivery date and time changes quickly and easily.

Greta Borg underlined the eCabs philosophy in deploying Fastdrop in Malta emphasising that “from day one, our aim has been to empower local businesses with an effective, efficient and inexpensive last mile capability which can offer value through a round-the-clock service in Malta and Gozo. Fastdrop is also enabling its clients to make use of the unique 24/7 capability. Whilst most businesses are closed on Sunday, today’s consumer expectations means that customers are open to delivery of packages any time, any day.  “Some business clients have started taking advantage of this operational strength and the numbers in this area are growing. We have found ways with some to enable stock collection in the early hours of the morning when the same business is closed at no extra cost to the business and the customer”.

As the business grows day-on-day, the Company is shaping new products largely in the middle mile segment through which Fastdrop would be enabling the business to outsource its internal logistics including warehouse to store, and store to store stock movements. This will eliminate internal inefficiencies and mitigate costly inventory stock piling and other operating expenditure such as the cost of maintaining vehicles and delivery personnel.

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eCabs Passenger Safety Charter

eCabs implements pioneering Passenger Safety Charter

eCabs is the first mobility service provider in Malta to ever implement and commit to a comprehensive Passenger Safety Charter. Through the Charter, it is voluntarily self-regulating its standards. This will ensure the highest level of passenger safety in the provision of its services.

The Charter is titled ‘eCabs and You’. It represents a commitment by the Company to consistently take proactive measures to ensure the safety of its passengers and drivers. It also creates and promotes a responsible environment for safer Maltese roads.

“From day one, our commitment has not only been that of bringing positive disruption and meaningful change in our sector but also to help raise the bar when it comes to standards across the board. Passenger and driver safety are at the inner core of our services. This is why we decided to go the extra mile and impose on ourselves standards which go beyond those stipulated by the law” says Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs.

“It is within this spirit that we have been working on the Passenger Safety Charter for the past months. So today we are proud to have reached this very important milestone in our journey. We have researched and sought international best practice. We shaped a Charter which will set the gold-standard for mobility in Malta. The ‘eCabs & You’ Passenger Safety Charter is defined by our brand values, being in touch with what matters most to passengers, drivers and all those with whom we share the road. This includes pedestrians, cyclists and people in other vehicles,” added Matthew Bezzina.

A 24/7 controlled environment with a safety-first priority

The Charter is enabled by the fact that eCabs’ remains the only operator that boasts a 24/7 controlled environment with an over-riding safety-first priority. Whilst the entire operation is fully technology-driven, eCabs retains an element of manned and logistical control. Consequently, this ensures constant support for the hundreds of drivers. It also ensures full control over drivers’ trips, tracking of locations and system access control.

‘eCabs & You’ defines the rights and responsibilities of both the passengers and the drivers. It does this by clearly defining the parameters within which a journey is to take place. The Charter covers all key areas. These include customer care, health and safety, vehicle sanitisation, driver behaviour, passenger interaction, mutual respect and emergency protocols.

Passenger Safety Charter sets parameters for safe travel guidelines

Greta Borg Bezzina, Operations Director at eCabs, said “the Charter sets out the parameters for safe travel guidelines,. It also clearly sets out how complaints are handled, and promotes the ease of booking through the multichannel booking options. Additionally it states the Company’s ‘Lost & Found’ policy. Items found in cabs following a drop-off are returned to customers through eCabs’ 24/7 contact centre.

“eCabs is not only committed to take passenger and driver safety very seriously but to also drive positive action by everyone to take safety on the road seriously. Our Passenger Safety Charter is a mutually beneficial tool being enshrined in the fabric of the Company. Passengers will understand better their rights and responsibilities, as well as those of their driver. They will also benefit from the peace of mind knowing they are trusting a Company where their safety is not a mere hashtag, but a core value. We are committed to keep on leading the space of passenger safety. We trust that our Charter will inspire all stakeholders in the sector into nurturing a true commitment towards road safety.”

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eCabs Malta Trust Foundation

eCabs supporting the Malta Trust Foundation

Operating from the premises of the Malta Trust Foundation in Floriana, the Food Aid Depot is currently delivering 6,000 food packages to over 1,700 households across Malta and Gozo. 

The fact that since this pandemic hit Malta three months ago, the Food Aid Depot operating from the Malta Trust Foundation has had to open 15 sub-depots across Malta and Gozo says a lot about the current situation and how desperate it has become for many households to simply put food on the table,” says H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca whose Malta Trust Foundation is currently busy running the Food Aid Depot.

“These amounts are beyond shocking and it is therefore very important for us all to remain sensitised and aware that for many families, the situation has become very desperate and far from simple. Distribution of all the food packages entails a massive logistics coordination and we feel very lucky to have found the very generous support of eCabs who for the past two months have been assisting us with emergency last minute deliveries of food packages even on weekends,” added H.E. Coleiro Preca who founded the Malta Trust Foundation in 2015 to support and bring real and significant impact in the lives of disadvantaged young people and individuals.

Supporting the community at this very fragile time

Greta Borg Bezzina, Director of Operations at eCabs, mentioned that the company’s mission was always to bring disruption to the mobility sector and the way people commute. 

“However, this disruption is nothing compared to the disruption that this pandemic has dealt to thousands of families and individuals. Therefore, supporting the community at this very fragile time with our infrastructure has now become eCabs’ mission, in line with the supportiveness value the brand embraces and priority. At the same time, we are indebted to the many volunteers who are making the Food Aid Depot a living miracle every day,” added Borg Bezzina.

Helping the Malta Trust Foundation reach more people in need

Although the main depot is located in Floriana, the past three months have seen another 15 sub-depots opening in Paola, Bormla, Żabbar, Żejtun, Marsa, Qormi, Siġġiewi, Mosta, Senglea, Għaxaq, Mqabba, Sliema, Floriana, Birkirkara and Gozo with the help of parish priests, local councils and schools.

“The basement of St Aloysius College’s Sixth Form for example, is acting as our sub-depot in Birkirkara. Gozo too has many families in need, way beyond the 135 households we are already providing food to. And besides the Floriana depot acting as our main base, the bulk of the food is currently going to our Sliema sub-depot located in St Patrick’s home,” H.E. Coleiro Preca added. 

“We are also extremely grateful to companies like eCabs, who have chosen to support our cause by applying what they do best to help the community in these very difficult times for everyone. It is admirable how every time we are faced with emergency deliveries, eCabs is always very responsive and makes sure that our food packages reach the families in need. Together, we want to keep working to make sure no one is left behind,” concluded H.E. Coleiro Preca. 

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