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Over 1,000 drivers join eCabs’ Partner Driver Model

Over 1,000 drivers join eCabs’ Partner Driver Model

Ride-hailing operator eCabs has registered record growth in the last quarter of 2021, pursuant to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. And since launching its Partner Driver Model in 2021, the platform hosts over 1,000 drivers and is growing at a steady pace.

“Interest in the eCabs Partner Model keeps growing and notwithstanding the current situation, we are still experiencing positive trends. This is pushing partner fleets and driver confidence for a healthy year ahead of us, as well as attracting new blood into the industry,” Marvin Cuschieri, chief people officer at eCabs, said.

Cuschieri outlined that with major international low-cost airlines having reported huge spikes in demand this January and also projecting a summer of pre-COVID volumes and beyond, eCabs will continue in 2022 where it left in 2021.

“Our projections for 2022 are very solid and buoyed by our performance, we are firmly confident to sustain the pace of growth. As summer approaches, the market will undoubtedly require more drivers than the currently available pool in our country to cater for the projected growth, both for tourism and local clients. We will keep investing heavily in the technology that drives our model to make the life of our partners easier and their work more profitable.”

Partner driver platform and support

While eCabs’ proprietary partner driver platform manages all rides and communication with partners, including operational intelligence, the eCabs partner driver support team operates 24/7, giving all partner drivers unparalleled assistance when they require it, coupled with very advantageous commissions.

“We coined the term ‘partner driver’ as it reflects the relationship we have with our drivers, whom we believe are an equally important stakeholder in our ecosystem. Partners operating on the eCabs platform benefit from open and consistent communication. This, we believe, will keep helping to build a sustainable industry into the future,” Cuschieri remarked.

Growth through technology

The last two years have seen eCabs accelerating its investment in its fully-owned platform, as the ride-hailing industry keeps growing and disrupting the transport sectors the world over.

With a team of over 50 in-house technologists, the core mission of eCabs remains that of growth through technology at the forefront, shaping a platform that places the partner drivers in control of their operation.

“We are now ready for the growth that our platform is about to experience over the next months. We are bolstered by the trust that the majority of partner drivers is putting in our platform – we shall reciprocate that with stronger investment in our technology and an increasingly fairer deal for their engagement with us,” Cuschieri concluded.

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