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What to know when looking up taxi near me

What to know when looking up taxi near me

Before you search ‘taxi near me’ on your phone or web browser, you should take some time to learn about safety protocols, fare prices and more.

These are some ways to ultimately choose a reliable cab service that meets your needs.

Safety first (and comfort too)

Make sure the taxi company you choose is licensed and insured. This is a vital step to ensure your protection.

Also, a reputable ride-hailing service will have made sure that their drivers would have undergone significant and in-depth training before they are allowed to take on clients.

Another factor that you should take into consideration is the condition of the vehicles that the ride-hailing company uses.

A reliable company will have well-maintained vehicles that are comfortable and clean.

Having an easy way to book your ride, such as a user-friendly App, is a definite bonus too.

Check out the different payment options on offer

Make sure the taxi company offers a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, as well as cash, and other digital means like Google Pay and Apple pay.

This will give you more convenience, reliability and flexibility when deciding how you would like to pay for your trip.

Reputation is vital when choosing a taxi company

Do consider the reputation of the taxi company. Read online reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and family.

A reputable taxi company will have a history of providing a high-quality service and will be more likely to meet your expectations.

Reviews and ratings should also be taken in the context of the quantity and quality of reviews it has. Three 5-star reviews may not be as good as 1,000 4-stars.

Awards, such as TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award are another thing to look out for.

Reward schemes

As a customer, it is nice to get something in return for your loyalty.

Reward schemes are also proof that a company values its customers and wants to go out of its way to ensure they feel that way.

With eCabs’ reward scheme, the more rides you take, the more points you earn… leading to various benefits.

Impeccable customer service

The level of customer service offered by the taxi company is also an important consideration. A professional taxi service will have friendly and helpful drivers and a very responsive customer service team.

For instance, did you know that eCabs has a 24/7 customer service with a phone number +356 21383838 that you can call day and night?

It is nice to speak to a human being when in need rather than just having access to lengthy FAQs. Emergencies are subjective and require attention.

They also have a Lost and Found department that you can contact if you happen to leave something in one of their vehicles, or the vehicle of any of their partner drivers.

Selecting a reliable and professional taxi service is crucial for your overall experience.

The right choice will give you peace of mind and ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable, and smooth ride.

4 great reasons to book a reliable airport transfer with eCabs

4 great reasons to book a reliable airport transfer

In this blog we list the benefits of booking a reliable airport transfer.

Going abroad is always a great thing to look forward to. However, it can also be a little stressful unless all your ducks are in order. One thing you can easily tick on your list is pre-booking a reliable, affordable ride to and from the airport. 

Here are the main advantages of booking a cab ride for airport drop off or pick up, whether pre-booked or booked on demand. 


Booking a taxi airport service with a ride-hailing company can often be more cost-effective than renting a car, or even using your own, especially when you factor in the cost of fuel and car park charges.

Peace of mind

When time is of the essence, pre-booking a cab via the comfort and ease of your mobile app to get you to and from the airport can be a big advantage.

Going to the airport? If you book an airport transfer, you get picked up from wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

Travelling from the airport? No need to worry about carrying your bags and getting your car from the parking area, paying for the time you spent there and then driving home (which is probably the last thing you feel like after a plane ride).

When using an app or booking online, there are usually various different car types that you can choose from, depending on whether you are travelling alone or in a group, and how much luggage you have.

Flexibility and convenience

Of course, there are other ways to get to and from the airport, such as using your private car, as mentioned above.

There is also public transport, which is a great solution as long as you can spare a couple of hours over and above, just in case the bus is running late, or it is full and you have to wait for another one. It also works best if you are travelling light. Starting off your holiday time clutching your bags while travelling with loads of other people is not the most stress-free of beginnings.

Safety and comfort

Booking a cab via your ride-hailing app ensures that you will be picked up on time and have a ‘tailor-made’ comfortable, fast, affordable, and safe journey.

Just book the cab, follow it on the map with the ETA fully visible and easily contact the driver at the press of a button should you need to.

Travelling to Malta? Book your airport transfer with eCabs

There are plenty of things to stress about in life. Getting from the airport to your accommodation should not be one of them.

If you are travelling to Malta, pre-booking your airport taxi transfers with eCabs means reliability, convenience, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, safety, and comfort.

The easiest way to do that is to use the eCabs Passenger App which you can download for iOS and Android.

Through the eCabs App, while you are waiting for the driver to arrive, you will be able to see precisely how far away they are, as well as the driver and car type/registration number.

You can even call the driver straight from your App, and, if you enter your flight details when booking one of our cabs, we will track your flight to make sure you are on time.

Cab bookings in Malta are very well priced, especially from a ride-hailing app. When using the eCabs App, you can choose to pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank card or cash.

There are various different car types that you can choose from, depending on whether you are travelling alone or in a group, and how much luggage you have.

If you would prefer to book an eCabs as soon as you land, you can do that too. Nowadays pick-ups are so fast that ASAP bookings are just as reliable in Malta, with average pick-up times hovering around five minutes.

And when your holiday or business trip is over, eCabs will pick you up right behind your door. So you can enjoy a comfortable, safe ride to the airport.

Apart from the App, you can also book online.

24/7 Customer Service

eCabs is the only ride-hailing service in Malta which offers 24/7 customer service via its manned Support Centre which can be also be contacted by telephone on the eCabs number +356 21 383838.

eCabs Passenger Safety Charter

eCabs implements pioneering Passenger Safety Charter

eCabs is the first mobility service provider in Malta to ever implement and commit to a comprehensive Passenger Safety Charter. Through the Charter, it is voluntarily self-regulating its standards. This will ensure the highest level of passenger safety in the provision of its services.

The Charter is titled ‘eCabs and You’. It represents a commitment by the Company to consistently take proactive measures to ensure the safety of its passengers and drivers. It also creates and promotes a responsible environment for safer Maltese roads.

“From day one, our commitment has not only been that of bringing positive disruption and meaningful change in our sector but also to help raise the bar when it comes to standards across the board. Passenger and driver safety are at the inner core of our services. This is why we decided to go the extra mile and impose on ourselves standards which go beyond those stipulated by the law” says Matthew Bezzina, CEO of eCabs.

“It is within this spirit that we have been working on the Passenger Safety Charter for the past months. So today we are proud to have reached this very important milestone in our journey. We have researched and sought international best practice. We shaped a Charter which will set the gold-standard for mobility in Malta. The ‘eCabs & You’ Passenger Safety Charter is defined by our brand values, being in touch with what matters most to passengers, drivers and all those with whom we share the road. This includes pedestrians, cyclists and people in other vehicles,” added Matthew Bezzina.

A 24/7 controlled environment with a safety-first priority

The Charter is enabled by the fact that eCabs’ remains the only operator that boasts a 24/7 controlled environment with an over-riding safety-first priority. Whilst the entire operation is fully technology-driven, eCabs retains an element of manned and logistical control. Consequently, this ensures constant support for the hundreds of drivers. It also ensures full control over drivers’ trips, tracking of locations and system access control.

‘eCabs & You’ defines the rights and responsibilities of both the passengers and the drivers. It does this by clearly defining the parameters within which a journey is to take place. The Charter covers all key areas. These include customer care, health and safety, vehicle sanitisation, driver behaviour, passenger interaction, mutual respect and emergency protocols.

Passenger Safety Charter sets parameters for safe travel guidelines

Greta Borg Bezzina, Operations Director at eCabs, said “the Charter sets out the parameters for safe travel guidelines,. It also clearly sets out how complaints are handled, and promotes the ease of booking through the multichannel booking options. Additionally it states the Company’s ‘Lost & Found’ policy. Items found in cabs following a drop-off are returned to customers through eCabs’ 24/7 contact centre.

“eCabs is not only committed to take passenger and driver safety very seriously but to also drive positive action by everyone to take safety on the road seriously. Our Passenger Safety Charter is a mutually beneficial tool being enshrined in the fabric of the Company. Passengers will understand better their rights and responsibilities, as well as those of their driver. They will also benefit from the peace of mind knowing they are trusting a Company where their safety is not a mere hashtag, but a core value. We are committed to keep on leading the space of passenger safety. We trust that our Charter will inspire all stakeholders in the sector into nurturing a true commitment towards road safety.”

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